The issues of pavements in the town have been identified by Calne Town Councils, Panning, Licensing and Highways Committee as being “of concern”. There have been various reports of residents tripping and issues with accessibility for users of wheelchairs and pushchairs, not being able to use sections of pavement. As such, CTC has requested that all Councillors investigate and enquire with residents as to the condition of pavements in their areas.

I am asking you the residents, to report any issues with pavements in your areas to your councillors prior to 16th December 2022, Please include a picture and the location (Try using what three words). These will then be collated by Calne Town Council officers, for the whole of Calne. This will then be discussed at the PLH Committee meeting on 11 January 2023 with the intention of finding a way that these issues can be rectified.  

2 thought on “Pavements”
  1. The bridge by the Calne Pop up park. Walking over the bridge from the pop up park, to Church Street. The path just is a total danger to everyone. So many pot holes, some deep. So uneven. This has been like it for ages now. Needs to be made good urgently. I don’t have a photo as had a bus to catch.

  2. Hi when my dad was alive and lived in bishops road I used to have to push his wheelchair in the road as the pavement was so bad going to the top end of bishops road haven’t been down there for more than a year now so it may have been repaired by now but might be worth a look

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