The current owner of 20 Church Street (Stibbard Property) wants to redevelop the site. 20 Church Street is better known to you and me as the current home of Calne Central. The owner wants to obtain some land from Wiltshire Council and reorientate the frontage of the building to look over the river. They also, and this is my real concern, want to remove some of Calne’s flood defences right in the town centre

The picture below outlines the proposed (in red), area that the developer wants to purchase from Wiltshire Council.

The developers plan hinges on the the removal of the flood defences at this part of the town center, and it is this, to which I strongly object. The developer has made two claims to try and justify their removal. These are as follows and I will address each in turn: –

  • “we’ve had so much rainfall this year and the river hasn’t even come close to flooding.”
  • “The flood wall appears to be being looted of its stones and is of limited use already.”


It is true we have had a lot of rainfall in the last number of months. This has meant that the river has flooded, including two properties in Mill Street, literally just around the corner. With climate change, rainfall events will only get more extreme, so I think allowing the removal of any flood defences, so the developer can make a few more pounds, is not just very short sighted, it’s downright insane!

The Condition of the Wall

It is true that the wall has lost several of its capping stones, along a short length (See picture). These are the top couple of inches of the wall and are more aesthetic than actual part of the flood defence itself. The main body of the wall remains intact and functional.

The developer has said that if this does not get Calne Town Council backing then its likely to fail with Wiltshire Council, so I as a Town Councillor that represents the ward where this sits, will not be supporting it. I will also be asking all other town councillors to not support it either. We cannot do anything that will increase the risk of flooding in the town.

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