What I Do

Contrary to what many believe, being a town councillor does not come with brown envelopes loaded with used tenners or any other kind of bribe, favour or backhander. It is unpaid (unlike your Wiltshire Councillors who get an “Allowance”) and I can categorically say that I have never been paid to do anything as a councillor. In fact I even pay for all the costs for managing and running this website myself. All Councillors are bound by the Seven Principles of Public Life (here).

I have a full-time job, which pays a salary, so I can pay my bills and live the life to which I have become accustomed (drinking cider and going on holiday). I also have some caring responsibilities for my father who is in his 90’s. My unpaid role as a Town Councillor is on top of those other responsibilities.

It is my role as a Town Councillor to represent you, the constituents at the town level, to help make decisions on the finances of the town council and to hold the officers (paid employees) of the town council to account. To find out more about what Calne Town Council does and its responsibilities, please visit the Calne Town Council website here.

As part of my role as a Town Councillor, I sit on four sub-committees and a number of working groups, as well as doing a small amount of casework for residents.

No individual town councillor has overall responsibility and no individual councillor can give orders to the council or its officers. All the decisions we make are made as a coporate body via the vote. As individual councilors we can request things be done and things be changed but the final decision has to be agreed by majority vote. This does often slow down progress, but it does ensure no individual councillor has more sway or influence than others, and that any decisions made are done so with impartiality.


To help speed up the decision making but retain the impartiality that is required, Calne Town Council has delegated some decisions via four sub-committees to the Full Council, These four sub committees are made up of various Town Councillors and should have representation from all 4 Wards.

The Planning, Licensing, and Highways Consultative Committee 

This meets on a three-weekly cycle, to deal with the town council’s response to planning applications, licensing requests, and highway consultations. This committee is one of those I really enjoy sitting on and getting involved in the discusions as it can have a real impact on the town.

The Amenities and Facilities Committee

This meets quarterly and deals with matters including, parks, buildings, sports pitches, cemeteries, allotments, play areas, and green spaces. I was recently elected as chair of this committee.

Town and Community Matters

This deals with matters including, allocating grants, community events, supporting the local business economy, tourism, community engagement, and projects.

The Governance, Policy and Resources Committee

This meets quarterly and deals with matters including, finance, auditing, staffing matters, and policies.

Working Groups

Finance Working Group

This scrutinises all expenditures, by the council and makes recommendations to the Governance, Policy and Resources committee and Full Council.

Outdoor Spaces Working Group

This meets on an ad-hoc basis, to discuss matters relating to any of the outdoor spaces provided by Calne Town Council, such as Castlefields and the Recreation Ground and makes recomendations to the Amenities and Facilities Committee.

Case Work

Holding down a full-time job does limit the amount of time I have, to spend doing casework for individual residents, but I do where possible help residents with issues, such as those who have contacted me with issues regarding the housing association, Green Square Accord.

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