It has been a while since I have been able to post an update about the
banking hub for Calne, but I now have some news to share. I have known about
proposed location of the banking hub for some time, but was not allowed to
reveal it, as to not prejudice any negotiations.

Anyway, recently you may have noticed that work has begun clearing out the
Old Laundrette (No 1 The Strand, Curzon Street). In addition Cash Access UK,
who are responsible for commissioning the banking hubs, have submitted planning
permission for change of use of that address to Class E – Commercial, Business
and Service (E(C )(i) Financial Services) – See here.

Now this information is in the public domain, I can confirm that Calne’s
Banking Hub, will be located in the site of the former Laundrette. I would have
preferred a more central location and to have seen the laundrette re-opened,
however banking hub requirements are quite specific, and the Laundrette was
really the only viable site for it

With Wiltshire Council, planning applications are never being quick, so I still
await to hear when the Banking Hub will actually open, it’s still on track to be open by the end of the year.

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