As previously promised, here is an update on the progress of the Calne Banking Hub.

I have been made aware of a General Election Campaign Leaflet, that is circulating in Calne from the Conservative Candidate for the new Chippenham constituency, in which the candidate states that he will ensure Calne gets a “Proper Banking Hub“.

I would like to clarify that this individual has not and never been involved in the application I made for the banking hub. This was something that I did of my own back, with the support of one resident (thankyou again Mary). I did this for the benfit of all Calne residents and visitors and not so someone completely unconnected to Calne, myself or the application, could try and take some credit for his own political advantage.

To address the concerns that have been put to me as a result of this leaflet, for example “are we not getting a banking hub, then?“, I have this week, had a conversation with the representative from the organisation that is tasked with identifying sites, negotiating with landlords and managing the construction the actual Banking Hub.

The conversation I had was very positive. They have identified two potential sites for a permanent banking hub and at at the moment, they dont envisage a need for a temporary one, such as happened in Royal Wootton Basset.

Surveys are in progress on both sites, and if these do not show up any issues, then the negotiations with the property owners will commence. The representative was not at liberty to tell me where the sites are, so as to not predudice those negotiations, but I have been assured they are in the town center.

The representative has also offered to hold a Question and Answer session at a future council meeting, and I am in conversation with the Calne Town Council to ensure this happens at a future date, sooner rather than later.

Calne Banking Hub is still on track to get its permanent banking hub, and it is due be opened by the end of the year.

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